XII Конференция PIFE 2013

Фотозвіт  Архів

«How to belong»

XII International Psychodrama Conference
of Psychodrama Institute for Europe

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
We are pleased to invite you to the XII International
Psychodrama Conference of Psychodrama
Institute for Europe (PIfE),
which will be held in Kyiv – one of the most ancient
and beautiful cities of Eastern Europe.
The need of belonging to a certain group is one of the crucial
needs of the human being. Our belonging to a family, a team, an
organization or any other community, is changing continuously
over the lifetime and consequently the significance of these
communities for us is also changing. Each of us has to make
choices and take decisions – either our own or somebody else’s.
Often we are looking for the answers to the following questions:
Where is my place in life?
What determines my ability to belong?
Do I belong to the groups of people of the same age, sex, same
Do I feel as a part of the community to which I belong?
How about my belonging to the cultural, national, historic and
religious traditions in which I grew up and which I am living?
The answers to these questions enable us to comprehend and
determine our identity, in all its developments and transformations.
The Board of Psychodrama Association, Kiev.
Organizing Committee

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For all questions regarding the PIfE XII International Psychodrama Conference,
e-mail: pife2013conference@gmail.com

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